How To Go About Selling Your Investment Property- Fast

After making the decision to sell your investment property the next goal is to maximise your returns. This article is a comprehensive rundown on what you need to do to ensure the best possible sale.

First things first- tackling the sale by yourself is not the boldest move. One of the biggest financial transactions many people make in their lives is selling investments. In such a case- getting the appropriate advice on marketing, pricing and presentation is crucial so as to achieve the best outcome.

In most cases, going through an agency is a great move. Well, it could be costly; however, agents have the skills to negotiate better than most vendors. Besides, there is also a risk that the buyer could be a good negotiator and things might work against your goals. With a good agent, such a problem is not an issue.


On selecting an agent

There are two kinds of agents- selling gent and the buying agent. You may need the first type more-, someone who advocates for you as the seller. Someone who is hungry for a sale for you will work perfectly.

It is always important to select one of the experienced players in the area since many clients will go through that agent and that means more potential buyers.

A skilled and experienced agent should be able to sell a property comfortably in less than two months. Most cases you may not need contracts longer than that.


List the property at the right time

Timing is crucial because suppose a property stays on the market for more than two months, then it is a poor reflection on the property itself. In as much as many people feel that selling in a ‘boom’ market is an awesome idea, many also fail to realise that different times of the year have pros and cons.

It is recommended to take a property off the market during the Christmas period. Rather, your target timing should be around the back end of winter, just moving into spring. At this time more buyers are hunting for new homes.


Set a realistic price tag

Working out a realistic selling price for their property involves researching on the immediate environment the property is in. Certain factors like location, noise, traffic, proximity to amenities, neighbours, schools and the state of the local market play a crucial role. Companies like can help you out with their free online valuation tool to check how much your house worth.


Create an impression

Make sure that your property is in a condition that shows off its features. It is a key element of the sales process. First impressions matters a lot to potential buyers. So make your property stand out in a good way.


Develop an effective marketing plan

After styling up your property, it is important for you as a vendor to market it effectively to attract as many clients as possible.

One sure way to achieve this is via internet advertising. You can also come up with other better marketing plan that works best in the area.